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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  May 5, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> at 6:00, a deadly air show crash claims the life of a popular stunt pilot and what we lending about what went wrong. >> flag controversy on cinco demayo. the stars and tripes are again at the center of two political protests planned at a santa clara county high school. >> a circus stunt goes terribly wrong with the about face from the circus moments ago about the fate of the show. good morning, at 6:00, and may 5th but nothing to celebrate if bart riders. >> no, we have delays. here is leyla gulen with more. >> it will take you 30 minutes to get on the richmond and fremont lines. green and red are affected so
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take an alternate form of transit, and muni and ace train, all running on time and ace train one is experiencing a delay but nothing like bart. keep ituned to abc7 news and i will have the upstates and follow me at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> from emeryville camera to the eastern span of the bay bridge the traffic is moving along quite slowly, as well, but, first, to meteorologist mike nicco and the forecast. good morning. we will talk about winds, the big story. on live doppler 7 hd 13 miles per hour wind at oakland, napa, fairfield, 16 at sfo all blowing to the east and that is strong wind and a reason why we will be cooler-than-average. around the bay, mostly gray and breezy by noon and 61 with increases sun by 4:00 and only 62 and chilly 59 in the evening.
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inland, we have clouds that will open by noon and 66 and breezy 67 at 4:00, and chilly 62 this evening with temperatures hanging in the mid-to-upper 50's for the entire day at the coast with increasing sunshine but with the breezes it will feel chilly and the remain aing is minimal. a small chance of a sprinkle but that is it. a developing news, investigators are asking for more spectator video to help them understand the shocking air show crash that killed a well-known pilot year at travis air force base. that is crucial video they will use showing the actual crash that was posted on youtube and they want more video, showing a vintage biplane doing
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a fly buy and the pilot, eddie andreini, died in the accident just before 2:00 at travis air force base with the pilot trying the stunt once and going for a second attempt. >> he was trying to do the ribbon cutting the second time around and i thought it was unusually low. and in the next minute it was way too close to the ground. >> the ntsb will send investigators to figure out why it happened and local officials will take a look at the emergency response plan some thought it took too long to reach the plane. the fire trucks can not be parked on the runway when in use.
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>> the eddie andreini death is a shock to many, he kept several planes at the half moon bay airport, and friends describe him as an experienced pilot who took every step to fly safe. according to the website he started flying at age of 16 and spent the adult life performing in air shows and ate regularly at a cafe popular with his neighbors and other co-pilots. he was a great guy. we met 12 years ago and he has several planes on the airport and he is a very gracious gentleman, down-to-earth. i am honor asked rudd to call him my trend. >> eddie andreini ran a construction company. his family has been part of the half moon bay community for 100 years. stay with us on for the latest on the tragedy and we will go back to amy hollyfield at 6:30 with updates at abc7 news and
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twitter@abc7newsbayarea. rallies are landed in morgan hill four years after the american nag ignited a controversy on cinco demayo. several students wore american flag t-shirts in 2010 and somewhere of offended because they thought they were being targeted and the administration asked the boys to take east t-shirts and the circuit court appeals ruled in favor of the school. separate demonstrations are landed today from opposing groups with matt keller bringing more at 6:30 in a live report. >> the circus stunt accident caught on camera, today, federal investigators are trying to determine how it went wrong sending acrobats to hospitals in rhode island. three people are in critical condition and 11 admitted to the
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hospital. more than 3,900 people witnesses the fall mostly children. the accident happened during "the human chandelier," the only performance of its kind in the world says the circus. they were hang by their hair from a metal structure when the platform collapsed. all women crashed to the ground and landed on top of a dancer standing below. >> they were not moving or getting up and we knew there was something wrong. please enjoy at this time while we situation ourselves. >> the eight women who fell remain members of the troupe and one waved to the crowd as she was taken away to the hospital. >> remaining shows in rhode island have been canceled.
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new this morning, the deal news is reporting l.a. clippers went off on v. stiviano minutes before her sit down interview with barbara walters. hotel guests report that donald sterling screaming at her in the elevator and said "you are a media whore," and used several expletives to get east elevator. >> a deputy is in the hospital in serious condition after he and his partner were attacked. three people are in custody and the two men are charged with attempted murder. they and a female face felony assault charges. kelly carter on the right called 9-1-1 saturday night and told dispatchers keith carter and willie tinoifili were fighting behind an apartment building in castro valley. the three allegedly attacked the deputies and it was captured on video. it is the most vicious attacks
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investigators have seen and the deputy in the hop was punched so hard in the face he needs facial reconstruction surgery. >> a report reveals the name of former san francisco's we quarterback i joe man -- montana came up during the senator yee and raymond "shrimp boy" chow investigation. nothing was found and the f.b.i. has dropped the probe. fear that montana's name and others would surface is why the judge in the case plans to issue a protective order barring attorneys from disclosing certain evidence in the corrupt indication. today is the start of cal fire season in northern california saying it has responded to 1,200 places already this year more than double the usual number. drought conditions are not making it easier for fire crews or foe homeowners.
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bart is working to fix a glitch that could put a glitch in your plans. >> absolutely. 30 minute glitch. this is along the green and red and orange lines and is affecting the present and richmond direction so we have a 30-minute delay because of a switching problem on bart and no word when this will lit and when it will be running back to normal so unfortunately this is going to put a" in your commute if you rely on bart so we will keep you updated. if you are headed through san jose and headed into san jose at highway 85 we have a injury accident involving a motorcycle and we have a lot of equipment and emergency crews on the scene and it is in the center divider and will not cause delays so morning and southbound, headed through the caldecott tunnel we have a report of metal debris
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dropped in the lanes causing a few flat tires. good morning, everyone, good news. we have clouds but in fog on live doppler 7 hd so we will talk about temperatures if you take bart we are 51 in san leandro the cool spot and 53 in lafayette and daly city to 54 at fremont and dublin/pleasanton and walnut creek and oakland and union city and sfo at 57, the warm spot followed by pittsburg at 56 and this is how it looks on the tower, an area of low pressure to the north steering the clouds our way today and the breezes will keep our temperatures below average. the clouds will thin and the breezes are not going away so we are from two to seven degrees cooler with oakland at 66 and san francisco is 63 and 67 in redwood city and san jose and napa at 69 and livermore is 68. eric and kristen? >> the bay area tech executive
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who went on a twitter tirade against his coworkers and the response from the company. >> powerade responds to public pressure and what will be removed from the popular sports drink. >> a woman's car plunges 140' off the side of the road and no one sees her. how she was finally pulled to safety.
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covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> it is 6:14 and a look at the cloudy sky over the eastern span of the bay bridge and traffic appears heavy, partly because of the fact that bart has been an issue with major delays so some folks are towning to -- turning to driving another another. >> a colorado woman is recovering after spending four days in the wreck average her car. here is what is left of the vehicle, she was rescued days after plunging 140' down an embankment in park county,
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colorado, and found after people saw a body in a wrecked car long a rural mountain side highway. officials say the car flipped several times and hit numerous trees before finally landing on the top. she was friend to the hospital in critical condition but amazing she is expected to survive. >> coca-cola is dropping a controversial ingredient from the most popular beverages, powerade. a spokesman said it will not include brominated vegetable oil which is used in fire extinguishers and has been banned in japan and the european union inspired by a mississippi teen who questioned why the ingredient was in the drink which is marketed to health conscious athletes. she started a petition to get rid of it and last year, helpcy announced they were drop it from gatorade. >> an executive for pay pal is out of a job after bizarre tweets over the weekend where he insulted his fellow co-workers.
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he started sending out the tweets on friday night and a emergency he called the vice president of branding communications a "useless middle manager," and described her with an expletive. and he attempted damage control blaming it on the new phone and he apologized. pay pal responded by a tweet say ing "he is for evening lower with the company, treat everyone with respect. no executeses. pay pal has zero tolerance." >> a year now since yahoo purchased tumbler for $1.1 billion and now what life is like under the company. in a recent interview, we david carp said yahoo lived up to everything it promised and offering support along with money but tumbler remains independent with its own leadership. the company still working on how to introduce ads to the site and
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one plan encourages creation of your old tumbler pages and creative material. >> we were talking about the bart delay issue and we check with leyla gulen to see if it is getting better. >> we have 30-plus-minute delays in fremont and richmond on the green, red and orange line so we do hear there is switching from west oakland and trying to get clarification how they are getting around the issue but it is a switching problem on the tracks and they don't have it under control. hopefully they will soon enough but this is taking on a lot of minutes to the commute. keep it here at abc7 news if you will at updates. muni and ace train running on time, and if you are headed out of the car, into the car, we have a problem with metal debris at tunnel road causing seven cars to experience not tires causing slowing headed into the
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caldecott tunnel into oakland. mike? >> thank you, leyla gulen. we will talk about what is going on outside by using live doppler 7 hd and you can see the winds blowing out the clouds over us in the upper left hand part of the screen you can see a few green radar returns over the ocean and that is the potential energy that could bring us a sprinkle today. we will see increasing sunshine and that camera is not supposed to be up, we are supposed to see increasing sunshine in the afternoon and we are looking at golden gate bridge and we are having issues. i will show you what is going on, on the camera and give you an idea if you taking the ferry you can see how breezy it is out there with the clouds hanging around. today, fading clouds and cool breezes. today the coolest day in the forecast and cooler than over the weekend and our best chance of showers is east of us but we have a sprinkle in the forecast
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and slower breezes help our slow warming starting tomorrow and especially this weekend. today we are below average and barely making it to 70 in los gatos and 71 in gilroy and the south bay is mid-to-upper 60's, on the peninsula, millbrae and breezy at 62 and mid-to-upper 60's elsewhere with the breezes there but not so fast. we are in the upper 50's to 60 at the coast with downtown south san francisco and sausalito at 63 and mid-to-upper 60's through the north bay valley with 69 in napa, the warm spot and upper 50's at director coast and mid-to-upper 50's along the east bay shore with oakland and san leandro and union city at 66 and same in san what blown and pleasanton and around 70's in antioch for the warm spot inland. tonight the temperatures are running in the mid-to-upper 40's in the north bay valley and of the rest of us are in the upper 40's i to mid-50's. you can see the clouds moving through with a lot of high clouds and the back edge is moving through the bay so we
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will be dealing with lower clouds and increasing sunshine this afternoon but notice the jet stream is sitting on top of us and that is why silt a breezy pattern, not only today but tomorrow and to a lesser extent on wednesday and the above-average temperatures on thursday and this week, 70's at the coast and 80's for the rest of us. have a great day. here is christian and eric. >> the amazing "spider-man 2" goes to the top of the week box office with $100 million. >> dot numbers tell the whole story? a studio executive may not be amazed by the opening weekend. >> twins separated for eight decades. until now. the california reunion for the sisters and how they came
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>> good morning, everyone, at 6: 23. a look at traffic coming up to the richmond and san rafael bridge, light here. wish we could say the same thing for bart. >> and matt kane will be out of action for 15 days after he was
6:24 am
put on disabled list because of a cut on his right index finger. he cut himself a few days ago with a kitchen knife and he had to miss one game. he had a rough start to the season with no wins and three losses only the second time he has been on the dl in his career. he was hit by a come backer in the forearm in august and missed 15 days. >> maybe it is the yellow glove. >> someone else needs to make the sandwiches. >> twin sisters separated at birth reunited for the first time in 78 years. oregon resident found out she had a long lost twin. the tin sister was living thousands of miles away in the united kingdom. they met each other face to face last week in fuller ton that happened because of help from a recovery who researches twins.
6:25 am
they set a new world record, they are now the longest separated pair of twins. >> service dogs have been helping to save visually impaired people but now a group is having them manage a dangerous disease we, low blood pressure. parents are then warned if i am drive asking he alerts me, i pull over can check. he will let not let he get in the car if i am drink. >> we will show you how the training works and the amazing abilities of the dogs. >> the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> we have developing news from travis air force base.
6:26 am
witnesses talk about the concern they had moments after the air show crash you involving a bay area pilot. in morgan hill an american flag t-shirt controversy is still spark, demonstrations four years you later. >> check out the winds on live doppler 7 hd, pretty brisk this morning and they are blowing out from the ocean so cool weather is on the way. just in: good news, bart is now recovering from an early delay and now there are only 10 minutes delays on the richmond and fremont line comforting news for you have not headed out. if you are waiting on the platform you are waiting for the trains but everything is back to normal.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. on cinco demayo it is 6:29. we have an early look at san mateo bridge. the traffic is normal.
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>> doesn't look too bad considering some were driven on the road, so to speak, because of bart delays. thanks for joining us. >> first up, we have a check on the weather forecast. we will also inform you of how the bart situation is improving. first, though, here is mike. >> leyla gulen said things are improving. >> it is cloudy this morning. today, we will see increasing sunshine but the breeze is really going to cut through any warming trend and we are mostly in the 50's and low-to-upper 50's and mostly in the 50's at the coast but low-to-mid 60 at lunch time with clouds thinning by noon and we will be partly cloudy for bet we part of the afternoon with low pressure 60's and a sprinkle is possible in the highest elevation. leyla gulen? >> i have good news. good morning, everyone, at 6:30, we have minimal delays on bart
6:31 am
at ten minutes in present and richmond on the green, red, and orange line and that is because of an early switching problem so we are experiencing greater delays at 30 minutes-plus so a big improvement. muni and ace train and everything else on time and as we look at the bay area we are looking at slowing in the usual spots over 580 and as we make our drive through oakland, westbound, 580, at lake shore avenue that is where we have two lanes blocked because of a stalled truck. >> federal investigators will fan out over travis air force base looking for clues in the crash of an air show pilot and they are asking spectators with cell phone video to step forward. amy hollyfield is at travis. >> there is one piece of video that is very good showing the crash. we have it posted on youtube
6:32 am
. you can see the plane get too close to the runway while trying to perform a stunt and it crashes and burst into films. the ntsb is asking for more video to be handed over to investigators. the crash happened before 2:00 at the air show at travis air force base. the pilot, eddie andreini, died in the crash. ones say they didn't release the plane was in trouble. crews rushed to try to get to the plane organizers addressed the crowd. i heard them say, if you have children, hide their eyes so i turned to the airfield and there was smoke so i knew it would crash so i got up there and i could see the biplane upside down and it was burning and it was engulfed. >> it seemed like it took too
6:33 am
long for crews to get to the burning crew pointing out that the fire trucks were parked huge the crowd. officials say the fire trucks cannot be on the runway when it is in use and they will look into whether they need to change the positioning of their emergency trucks. investigators will be here looking into what happened and trying to figure out why the biplane crashed. happening today, the stars and stripes will be the center of not one but two protests outside a high school having to do with a controversial over the american flag and cinco demayo . matt keller has that story. matt? >> yes, the school district put up a fence around the campus at live oak high school over the weekend in preparation for the demonstration. students are sending a message. an hour ago, the district superintendent put up these three barnes on the temporary
6:34 am
fence. one is a picture of an oak showing the rooted. another says united at the radios. another says we are all different branches of the same tree. >> several students wore t-shirts with american flags on cinco demayo and some latino students were offended and the schools toll the boys to take off the t showers -- t-shirts. they sent the boys home. students say they just want a regular day in class. >> they wanted to send a message what the media and the world have depicted as a divided school is not a divided school. it is a very unified school. >> the students released the video on the facebook and youtube pages showing students visiting classrooms to talk of the incident and respecting different cultures.
6:35 am
some of the students say they wanted nothing to do with the protest planned by adult. in the past ten minutes i have eastbound seven or eight police officers coming here on campus and they will be increasing patrols today. as if the students, they plan on wearing the school colors today and it is a sign of solidarity. the colors are green and gold. dublin police shot killed a man who attacked them with a baseball ban. we are hearing what happened through the voices of officers at scene. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> dispatch, shots fired. >> officers went to the home to investigate domestic dispute at 6:15. the man attacked them with a bat and the officer shot the suspect who died at the scene.
6:36 am
a neighbor says this is not the first time the police have been called. >> a few times the cops have been called and this is a disturbance going on and either nothing happens or the person that makes the phone call ends up being the one they take away. >> no word on the man's name. the police officer are part of the alameda county sheriff office and both the sheriff and district attorney are investigating. >> a man is back home from mount everest after the avalanche that killed 16 sherpas. he is hope with his family in kenwood. he was at mount everest when the after launch came down the most deadly day ever on the mountain. he has no plans to return to the mountain. >> it was just clipping one guy after another. they hauled the bodies off. they were flying right over us. we are just watching. just one body after the next of
6:37 am
the like vietnam. >> this is his second trip to the mountain and credits the sherpa guide by saving his life by pushing him out of the way. >> the battle over access to a beach is going to trial over a public road that leads to martin moves beach the only way to access the beach by land. it was closed by the property owner silicon valley billionaire and filed by the surf rider foundation claims that he did not obtain the proper permit to close the road and that is a violation of the california coastal act. a similar case was shot down last year. coming up, about face this morning from circus organizers in rhode island after the big top tragedy over the weekend and what they are saying about the future of the show. >> are you annoyed with senator friends on twitter, a new feature that could be unveiled, just for you. >> a look at 6:37 we are in the
6:38 am
north bay looking at traffic in san rafael which is moving right along and this could be extra cars on the road because of early bart delays and we will check traffic as news
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>> we are coming up on 6:41 and
6:41 am
the next seven days, today is the coolest and oakland is below average at 66 but close to average through thursday and we start bumping up friday, saturday, and especially sunday and. wary than average by if you are headed to the a's game dress for brisk air down to 55. sacramento north, cooler, and windy the warm spot is fresno at 79 until you get to palm springs at 92. safe travels. bart is recovering from early delay on the richmond direction and fremont direction. that is being affected. and muni has word that several lines to richmond and sunset, to bayview and several directions
6:42 am
across san francisco is where we are experiencing longer than normal wait lines. as we look right now, starting with the richmond and san rafael toll plaza, the traffic is funneling in and traffic at the toll plaza is stacking up but from emeryville we have an accident involving a motorcycle and traffic is slow there as you make the apreach. >> thanks, new this morning, the fallout from target's holiday breach and drastic step announced by the big box retailer in the last hour. >> the reason that "spider-man 2" haul may not be surprising to the executives. >> and circus goes all wrong and how the
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> ringling brothers announced they are canceling all remaining performances in rhode island after the frightening accident in a packed show yesterday
6:46 am
desiring the show in front of thousands of spectators. acrobats hanging by their hair and the platform collapsed sending eight women to the hospital. one dancer was pinned below the others and 11 were hurt. three are still in critical condition. >> my god, daddy, my daughter said, are they okay? >> they were not moving. but knee there was something wrong. >> the accident happened during an act called the human chandelier and the circus advertises it as the only. ifance of its kind in the world. >> the murder trial of "blade runner" oscar pistorius has resumed after a two week break. the fire was interrupted to accommodate holidays including easter. the defense is expected to call more ones today to support claims by oscar pistorius that he shot his model girlfriend by
6:47 am
accident last year after misstating her from an intruder. a verdict is expected if july. >> a new warning for parents about the baby s gates keeping young ones from falling down the stairs. they may not be so safe use think. researchers in ohio combed through the data and found 2,000 kids go to the emergency room each year with injuries from climbing on or falling through the gates and it made no difference if they were bolted in or pressure mounted. the numbers of injuries have tripled since 1990 and the study is on the online version of "academic pediatrics." >> and the big board shows the dow is tumbling 160 points to 15395. target c.e.o. is stepping down and the claim and c.e.o. is out after the retailer disclose
6:48 am
add massive data breach, the largest retail are said three is stepping down immediately and resigned from the board. target is based in minneapolis and the chief financial officer hull began is is -- mulligan is named interim c.e.o. a new function on twitter is being testing irritating sites. >> and "spider-man 2" property in $92 million but compared to other movies on the same weekend in other years it is not so much. "spider-man 2" ranks eight with "avengers" making $211 million.
6:49 am
speakers expect "spider-man 2" to do well overseas which will make up for the costs of the movie. and this weekend, it was not necessary to go to the movies for the free air conditioning. >> absolutely. there are a couple more days left of the cooler weather. it is a breezy day. and it is pretty clear of fog. we have throw miles at half moon bay and that is it. no delays at sfo. or oakland. or san jose. you can see the layers of clouds with the high thin clouds allowing the sunlight to shine through and those are the clouds that will hoof off and the low clouds will hang around and it will be partly cloudy by afternoon, with the cool breeze dominating our forecast keeping our temperatures below average and bring as chance of a
6:50 am
sprinkle. the best chance of rain is east of us and slower breezes on wednesday through the weekend and today, compared to where we remain yesterday, it will be just a little bit cooler and cooler-than-average by two degrees at 66 in oakland and san francisco is 63 with the breeze feeling cooler than that and 9 in napa and 67 in redwood city, six degrees cooler-than-average and san jose is 67 and both seven degrees cooler-than-average, and the sun will set at 8:04 with 14 hours of sunshine now. 71 at gilroy and extent at los gatos, and mid-to-upper 60's for the rest of the santa clara valley and santa cruz and peninsula, mid-to-upper 60's and breezy and cooler in millbrae and 62 and we will hug the upper 50's to 60 along the coast and 63 in downtown and sausalito and to the north, bodega bay is shy of 60 and mid-to-upper 60's along the east bay shore from 66
6:51 am
at oakland to 68 in castro valley and nearly 70 in fairfield and antioch. tonight, back in the 40's the inland valleys with low-to-mid 50's elsewhere. the high clouds came in during the overnight and the back inch of those are move through the north bay and the low clouds are under them and they will be more stubborn with the jet stream on top of us, the breezy pattern hangs around today, tomorrow, and a lesser extent on wednesday. by wednesday we are four to six degrees warmer and back to where we should be and thursday we are above average and not like this weekend 70's at the coast and low-to-mid 80's for the rest of us. >> inant crock we -- in antioch we have a third motorcycle accident with lanes blocked and possible injuries. it is involving a big rig so never a good mixture.
6:52 am
very happy traffic pulling away from 160 i in the westbound direction you will find speeds are picking up and it slows through pittsburg and improving closer to concord. eastbound 580 another accident involving a smaller vehicle a mini cooper approaching 205 and westbound traffic is heavy there headed out of tracy to dublin. we also have a either would of a traffic break with c.h.p. coming in on the lower bay bridge and it could cause slowing and outside in san jose this is the drive on 280 away from 17 traffic is building southbound is clear. eric and kristen? >> seven things to know as you start your day.
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> as we hand things off to "good morning america" seven things to know, federal investigators will be at travis air force base to look at crash that killed a veteran stunt pilot from half moon bay, eddie andreini slammed to the ground if his plane yesterday. >> several rallies are landed today at a high school four years after students wearing usa flag t-shirts were sent home. latino students complained the shirts were offensive and the students say it was free speech and officials say the school is
6:55 am
now unified with everyone wanting to have a regular day in class. dublin police shot and killed a man after he attacked them with a baseball bat. officers went to the home open dublin street to investigate a domestic dispute and the department is actually part of the alameda county sheriff and the identity is not released. >> the daily news is reporting that donald sterling went on a rampage against v. stiviano minutes before the interview with barbara walters last week and gusts at the four sons report that donald sterling screamed using several expletives to tell her to shut up. early voting for the june 3 primary starts together. in san francisco it will take place at city hall and county election offices are it having up voting booths to accommodate early voters and ball lots are sent to those who register to vote by mail. >> it will be a brisk day with temperatures below average and i woulds are 10- to 15-miles per
6:56 am
hour showing up on live doppler 7 hd and through the afternoon, more sunshine. temperatures are stuck in the 60's. even some 50's at the coast. >> bart is back on track with 59 trains on time and a troublesome commute elsewhere, 32 minutes across the bay bridge with an early motorcycle accident in the westbound direction which is cleared but a new motorcycle crash here in antioch westbound highway 4, very slow as you make the drive into pittsburg. >> we continue online and twitter and facebook and all mobile devices. see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. brand-new video of that horrifying end to a circus stunt. these eight performers crashing to the ground in an instant, falling 35 feet and injuring a dancer below. how this new act where the acrobats hang by their hair went so wrong. happening now, firefighters in oklahoma battling a fast-moving wildfire, flames shooting higher than trees. strong winds fueling the inferno. homes destroyed. this how were battling the blaze with just a garden hose. one dead and thousands still evacuated. >> emergency declared. and we do need lower. >> violent turbulence on a wide body jet for u.s. airline s. passengers saying the plane felt out of control shortly after takeoff. six injured including a 10-year-old. the plane heading for orlando forced to return for an emergency landing.


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